With the onset of the pandemic, the entire world slowed down. Businesses are shutting down, and restaurants closed, schools dismissed so that everyone could be safe. Amongst the chaos, students were the worst hit. The education system was shaken to its core, and students found it hard to shift to the online study mode since the school’s devices were now shifted to were their source of entertainment earlier.

But now that online school has become the new normal, online igcse tuition has become a thing these days. These are helping students to keep up with their studies while preparing for the prestigious IGSCE exam.

What is IGCSE? 

IGCSE is one of the world’s most prestigious exams. It evaluates the students of age 14 to 16 years. IGSCEs also make way for higher education and professional education in Singapore and international educational institutions.

These exams help students to secure a spot in colleges, both in Singapore and abroad. Hence, these are like a gateway to better career opportunities. It is the reason why many students are opting for online IGSCE tuition in Singapore.

Online Igcse Tuition

Top online tuition services in Singapore 

While more tuition services are mushrooming in Singapore, the following are the top in the field.

  1. Tutopiya 

Their online classes are spread across the globe as they are making online tuition more accessible. With personalized 1-1 tuition plans, the students experience an international student study environment. Their teachers have enough experience to help the students in times of need. Tutopiya provides homework support as well.

  1. SmileTutor 

They provide 1-1 special IGCSE tutoring to make the students ready for the examinations. Their tutors have garnered experience from international schools. There are special engagement activities after classes to interact with students and counsel them outside the classroom setting.

  1. Nanyang Tuition 

They started with the aim of helping parents and students find the best teachers. With their 16 years’ worth of experience and a passionate team of 50,000 tutors, they are committed to helping parents find the best for their students. Their IGCSE tuition lessons are put together, keeping the long-term benefit in mind.

The recent time had been difficult for everyone, especially students. Shifting to a new study mode was difficult, but online tutors came to the rescue, helping students study despite everything. After all, students are the future of every nation, and online tuitions have been helping to ensure a bright future for everyone.