Workforce Skill Qualification (WSQ) is a training program for adults. These are certified courses that help in the personal development of a person. These are mostly professional courses that help in career enhancement.

WSQ courses are done to:

  • Encourage people to learn
  • Developing the economy as if people are knowledgeable about their jobs will increase efficiency.
  • Increase holistic environment at workplace
  • Help polish the required skills for the job

Features of WSQ courses:

These are some of the key features of wsq certificate courses In Singapore:

Accessible– Everyone and anyone can do this as these courses do not require any prior information of any educational background. In these courses, people are provided with modules to learn from, and after all the modules, they will receive a WSQ certificate.

Relevant– The courses provided are very relevant in today’s world as they help improve the skill set of a person, which will help them do a better job.

Progression– proper skills and qualifications lead to progression in the workplace.

Authority: These courses are qualified by the authorities in Singapore, and because of that, it holds weightage.

AscottCenterFor Excellence 

AscottCenter provides the best wsq certificate courses in Hotel and Accommodation services. These courses provide all the required skill sets and education for hotel management. They believe in providing the best training section that allows them to develop and grow, making them ready for the industry. In this course, all the students will be trained in housekeeping, guest management, customer feedback, and much more. The courses provided by AscottCenter play a role of a stepping stone in Singapore for the hospitality industry.

There are different levels in WSQ courses like WSQ Higher Certificate and WSQ Diploma. If a person is done with the WSQ higher certificate in the hospitality industry, they can apply for the WSQ diploma to learn more.

These are open courses, and anyone interested in the hospitality industry can apply for the course. These courses will be really helpful for the people who are aspirant about working and growing in their respected fields. These courses are mostly done from home, so one can also do it on the side as an extra degree doesn’t hurt anyone. These courses are fully flexible, and a person can do these at their own pace.