Deluxe escorts, desired by rich men 


The professional luxury escorts in Amstedam offer services that are highly demanded in Amsterdam, as well as in other large cities, both by holland and foreign rich customers.

Being a full-time escort is really not that simple: it assumes not only to look agreeable, but also to have very good communication skills, being refined, discreet, intelligent, having the knowledge and skills that allow them to know how to  behave in a select environment, without anyone suspecting anything.

We live in a country where there are still many prejudices related to the sexual or even non-sexual services for money. Both contracting parties: deluxe escort and client must feel safe, must respect each other and respect their agreement.

Contrary to what is usually believed, the luxury escort services are almost never limited to services of sexual nature,. The client wants a lot more from an escort, who is very close to the geisha in the old days.


Hire the desired escort from a notorious agency

A luxury escort is not a person you can find on the street. There are many escorts that work on their own, but there are also specialized agencies with a vast portfolio of collaborators, of which the customers can choose. This way, the ladies can have the certainty that they will have reliable customers, and customers will also not end up being robbed. Escorts working with serious agencies such as Courtesans Amsterdam are carefully verified also in terms of health.

That is why it is much better for both luxury escorts and customers to work with a specialized agency, where women look just like in the photos posted on their profile pages, wo have the skills mentioned there, and where the customers are also being verified.

With a simple phone call to the agency, potential customers can find out which escorts are available in the desired period and how much money they charge for the various categories of services they deliver.


A deluxe escort is not a prostitute

A luxury escort is totally different from a common prostitute because she has the ability of choosing her own customers. They are always financially successful people, who have very well paid jobs and, as a rule, fall within the age range between 40 and 50 years (doctors, businessmen, lawyers etc.) who want to have an interesting and good-looking woman, whom they can have a decent discussion on various topics in society, a woman with whom they can go out at the restaurant, the opera, the theater, a party or a ball, then eventually have some intimate moments at a hotel room.

It should be stressed out that many of the customers hiring luxury escorts are married, have families, but do not seek lasting extraconjugal adventures.



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